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Originally Posted by xShenx View Post
geomiyo i think u should do Mihashi from Ookiku Furikabutte/Big Windup! it would be amazing!
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Hi! Im a girl but i like 2 crossplay better than cosplay(sorry dont have a picture)
Im 5'4.5 and weigh about 120
i have brown hair and blue eyes, i will do wigs and contacts
my skin is pretty pale
i love the animes/mangas dogs, death note, and soul eater
(i also like Final fantasy and kingdom hearts not a lot though, i only like certain characters)
i love the movies How to train your dragon and Kick A**
And i love cartoons like Chowder and flapjack(im such a dork lol)
Thanks for the input! ^^ From your description, maybe you could do Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket.
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