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Prop Tutorial: Hatsune Miku's LED Light-Up Armbands (VOCALOID)

You'll Need:

-vinyl base (green)
-stretch enamel (black)
-double-sided tape
-acrylic plate (transparent, green, yellow)
-aluminum plate
-battery pack & button batteries
-LED lights x4
-construction paper (black)

Use LED Lights to create a diffused, eye-catching glow

Here we'll introduce just one way to make arm-covers with indicator plates that really light up. This version uses watch batteries and the smallest possible battery pack to avoid the need for bulky strap-on packs and minimize the chance of your pack weighing down your costume. But, of course, it's possible to use this method with other kinds of lights and battery packs, as long as you devise some way to strap the pack to your arm. Just be aware that some non-LED lights produce heat! You should test any lights and packs thoroughly before installing them to avoid melting (or burning) your costume, or worse, yourself! LED lights are strongly recommended over incandescent/filament lights.

Step 1 ~ Cut the Stretch Enamel

First cut two basic arm-cover patterns from the black stretch enamel. Be sure to use your own arms to guage the proper size before cutting. They should flare gently over the wrists and hands when wrapped.

Step 2 ~ Sew together the arm cover bases

Pin the armbands together with the non-shiny side facing up. Refit the pinned arm covers to adjust the size near the elbows (it should just fit!), then sew together the sides by machine.

Step 3 ~ Sew the trim onto both sides

Cut a strip of vinyl wide enough to fold over both ends of your arm covers to make a colored trim, then sew into place. Choose a material with a pearl finish for the best results.

Point! - Don't close the trim completely!!

We'll be lining the outer cuff with wire in the next step, so be sure to leave an opening at the end of your trim!! Be careful not to sew it closed or too tightly for the wire to thread through completely.

(continued in the next post)
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