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Originally Posted by namichan13 View Post
anyone got any tips for magnet headphones? I already have the headphones I just don't know what to make the butterflies out of. There may already be my answer in this thread, but there are just too many pages to sift through, so help would be much appreciated.
Craft form and acrylic sheeting.

Get some lionboard or black craft foam sheets about 3 cm thick. Trace your butterfly pattern on these ~ cut them out with a cutter knife.

Then find a sheet of hard acrylic plastic (transparent) and use a your foam base to trace the big butterly shape. Then use a warm cutter knife (warm it with a lighter) or a sautering iron to cut out the base shape and a glue gun to attatch the black foam over top of the acrylic. The acrylic will keep the base stiff and will look quite nice in bright light. If you use LED lights in the heaphone piece ~ you can also loop one outside to the back of the wing base which will give the wings a diffused glow too.

If you don't want transparent wings ~ you can use craft foam for both pieces ~ but go thicker of layer the black over a well-glued base piece to make sure they stay stiff. Or you can opt for a stiff craft-board like colorboard.
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