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Prop Tutorial: Hatsune Miku's LED Light-Up Armbands (VOCALOID) (part 2)

Step 4 ~ Pass a wire through the outer cuff trim

Use the opening you left in the trim to pass a wire through the whole cuff. Try to find a thick wire that will hold up to wear and tear and will keep its shape easily for the best results.

Step 5 ~ Cut the aluminum plate

Cut two pieces of aluminum plate as shown here. Using aluminum for the base will reflect the light from the LEDs and give you a brighter, more evenly diffused look.

Point! - Match the aluminum piece size to your acrylic plating

Be sure to have an acrylic piece that will fit nicely in the aluminum casing. It may even be a good idea to trace your acrylic piece onto the aluminum piece for reference (as-shown). Note - the acrylic piece will sandwich between the aluminum pieces shown, so be sure to trace it onto both before cutting.

Step 6 ~ Heat and bend the edges of the aluminum

Use double-sided tape to stick the acrylic and aluminum together. Then heat the edges of the aluminum with a lighter and use the edge of your cutting board to press them over the acrylic sides as tightly as possible. They should mold together.

Step 7 ~ Finish sealing the aluminum and acrylic

Use double-sided tape to stick the piece from step 6 to the second acrylic trim piece. Be very careful when sticking this piece on, as it may crinkle or buckle when applied sloppily.

Step 8 ~ Cut the construction paper

Cut the construction paper as-shown. The black pieces will block the light while negative spaces will show through clearly. Feel free to alter the design to your own specifications.

(continued in the next post)
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