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Originally Posted by DetentionMisfit View Post
Hey, guys. N00b question here, as always.
What is interfacing and how do I "baste" it onto a collar or something of the sort? What is the difference between "Fusibles" and "Non-Fusibles"?
I'm sewing a dress for my cosplay and I'm following the pattern nearly word-for-word (except for the fact that I bought the wrong size pattern and I had to modify it a bit because of that), but I have no clue what it's talking about. o__o||
Interfacing is a material you can either iron on or sew into a certain part of a garment to make it stiffer, and basting is a sewing technique that involves making large, loose stitches (I prefer to do it by hand, although you can use a machine) when you sew two things together in preparation for machine sewing so it doesn't slide around as you sew it.

Fusible interfacing is interfacing you can iron onto the garment, and non-fusible interfacing is interfacing you have to sew. Not all fabrics are iron-friendly, so that's why there are two varieties.

EDIT: I just noticed the date of the post and realized it's probably too late.
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