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Prop Tutorial: Hatsune Miku's LED Light-Up Armbands (VOCALOID) (part 3)

Step 9 ~ Stick on the colored acrylic

Cut the yellow and gree acrylic into strips large enough to cover the spaces cut into the paper and glue them into place using lightweight, transparent-drying glue. The placement of the colored acrylic will decide the color of the lights showing through on your arm cover panels.

Step 10 ~ Stick the paper/acrylic strip onto the panel

Use double-sided tape to secure the panel you made in step 7 to the paper and acrylic piece. Be sure that the side you stuck the colored acrylic strips on is sandwiched inside the two pieces.

Step 11 ~ Set the LED lights in place

Fit the LED lights into the holes you cut in the aluminum panels. When you finish setting all four, tape them all down with the same lengths of tape, being careful not to let the tape show on the surface panel.

Step 12 ~ Thread the cords through the arm covers

Open small holes in the fabric of the arm covers for the cords to pass through. Use double-sided tape to secure the panel to the sleeves with the cords pulled firmly through.

Step 13 ~ Attatch the cords to the battery box

Last, align the plus and minus chord ends properly and clip them to the ends of the battery box. After testing your lights, secure the battery box inside the sleeve to finish.

Neon colored diffused lights like fireflies add a beautiful touch to any Vocaloid costume.

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