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Originally Posted by MewMewRith View Post
Okay, I will tell you now, I almost NEVER check in here when I get an email notification, but I jumped on this when it came into my inbox.

You SCREAM Sven Vollfied from Black Cat. You could also do a really good Squall Leonheart from FF VIII

Now for some of myself *shot*
I'm about 5'3-4" inches tall, 100 lbs flat, athletic build and curved.
I'm okay with wigs. Contacts I'm iffy with. Crossplay is usually a no but it depends on the character (binding when you are skinny with C+ breasts hurts like hell) g

~MewMewRith <3
Can't stand Squall...hate the guy. But the other fellow seems more my style. I'll look into that one. Thanks. Keep em' coming if you care to, folks.
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