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Looking for a few more suggestions...

I only got about 2 suggestions last time, so I'm looking for a few more suggestions, so here's my info again.

So I'm new to Cosplay (but not to costumes in general) and I have some ideas of characters I would like to eventually Cosplay, but I would like to know what you all think who I would be good at Cosplaying as, as it's good to have an outside perspective. ^.^

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 155lbs.
Eyes: Green/Hazel
Hair: Dirty Blonde/ Light Brown
Pant Size: 12 (in USA)
Bust: 36 C
- Here is what I normally look like: Pic1 Pic2
- I'm willing to show cleavage, but I know I'm a little on the chunky side so no bare midriffs or short-shorts for me.
- I prefer to use wigs
- I can use colored contact lenses, but I prefer not to.
- I am willing to crossplay, but prefer not to.
- Any anime or video game character is fine (gory, no-gory, etc.)
- Favorite Anime's and video games: Ah! My Goddess, Final Fantasy series (mainly VII and X), Nadesico, Elfen Lied, Rah Xephon, Xenosaga, Please Teacher, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Panic.
- the convention I plan on going to this year is Halloween weekend (Youmacon).
- I plan on getting into shape (mainly toning) in time for Youmacon by eating healthier and exercising. And hopefully loosing 10-20lbs. in the process.
-I'm used to constructive criticism (I'm an Art student).

Thanks in advance!
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