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Masquerade Ball 2010 Discussion (Sailor Moon theme!)

Are you ready for another fabulous formal event this year? We have you covered - the Ball is back! And the theme is. . .Sailor Moon! We've titled this the Silver Millennium Ball.

You could consider last year's Ball a bit of an experiment. We wanted to see if attendees would like a formal event, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive! Thanks to YOU we're bringing it back better than ever! We have a cast of over a dozen people portraying the Senshi and friends ready to entertain you at the Ball, and the costume contest will be back!

Feel free to discuss this event in this thread. Have questions about the rules - let us know here! We'd love to hear your ideas too! Lastly, if you have any requests on songs you'd like to hear during the Ball let us know and we'll consider adding it to the set list. Please note that we cannot fulfill every request and we will be reviewing every song suggestion to see if it's appropriate for this event. We are looking for "traditional" type dance music - swing, waltz, samba, etc.

Currently rules are being reviewed by the Ball staff. They should be ready to be posted to the Anime Vegas website in a few days!
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