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All about the scarf, baby
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*dances around* YAY! The boob fairy made her appearance - and still managed to miss me. D'oh! I'll settle for ogling Karisu-sama's manly chest. LOL

You know, I never thought of baby oil before. Although I have used major body lotion & even hair conditioner at one point. Of course, I never stuck duct tape to my chest, either. I figured if little band-aids could rip off skin and scar me, then there was no way in hell I was going to even try the industrial stuff! X_X

Hmm. Never thought about the vertical anchor strip, either. Will definitely have to try that. Don't know why the hell I didn't think of that!

/off-topic/ Yup. If you were at Jarod's bday party, and ate any of the cookies (oatmeal or double-chocolate mocha) then you did eat some of the yummies that I made. I baked 'em and shipped 'em over since there was no way in hell I was going to make it to AX. (Music gigs always come first, and summer is the season for them. Gotta make use of my degree!)
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