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Name of Commissioner: Jennifer Cosplay (E-Bay name: 1987csddlink)

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Final Fantasy Dissidia Squall -- JACKET ONLY

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: To be updated at a later time (today or tomorrow)

Timeline: Contacted April 1, payed April 4/5, packaged received April 20 (payed for Express shipping)

Describe your Experience
Excellent communication, I pestered the poor thing endlessly, and always got a response overnight. Communicated to get an approximate timeline, got an honest response saying she could make it quickly but there was a possibility of the item being stopped by customs for an indefinite period of time, out of her control. Since I would have had a 2 day buffer if regular shipping went without any problem, I bit the bullet and paid extra for shipping, even though shipping was costly as it was and express shipping even more so (almost $45 USD for shipping alone), and let her know when I needed the jacket by. Ironically, I forgot to include the express shipping in the payment, so I sent an e-mail, she didn't mind at all and gave me instructions for the extra payment. Clarified which measurements were needed, absolutely wonderful product came in the mail, exactly like what the pictures looked like. The only little surprise was that the buttons all had "JINGPIN" written on them. If you look REALLY closely at the pictures it looks like they used the same buttons there. So if you're anal about that kind of a thing, there's your warning, it's really not very noticeable at all though (the text is just engraved in the button, it's not in a different colour or anything).

-Express shipping was FAST!
-Speedy communication
-Completely accurate jacket, as far as I can tell
-Excellent quality
-Measurements were followed accurately
-The jacket itself was awesomely priced ($40 USD)

-Some info given is a little vague, but extra communication cleared up any confusion
-Some of the wording during communication was in broken grammar, and sometimes the responses were copy/pasted generic messages. However, the point of the message always came across clearly, and again extra communication cleared up any lingering confusion
-Shipping was expensive. $25 USD for regular, and an extra $18 USD for Express Shipping (ouch!)
-Buttons have "JINGPIN" engraved on them

Final Grade: A+
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