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I've been recently wanting to cosplay hardcore yet I just don't know who I could pull off very well. I certainly don't want my first cosplay to be someone who I don't look like at all.. since I'm one of those people who "/sigh" when I see those people at the con's haha.



Another face, forgive the cheesiness. (Only linked this to show how pale I really am @_@)
Closest thing to a full body shot I have on comp, sorry!

Height: 5"7
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color/Length: Dark Brown, shoulder length
Weight: Bout average

Notes: I've been thinking of cosplaying as either Tsubaki from Soul Eater or Arachne from Soul Eater, putting my.. blessing to use if you get what I mean.
Feel free to suggest characters that would need wigs, contacts, any suggestion is a good suggestion in my book. I'm just clueless at the moment!
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