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Originally Posted by angelbabycakes View Post
I'd love to know who I should Cosplay, I didn't get many replies. Suggestions would be much appreciated!

Thanks everyone! ^_^

Height: 5'2
Weight: 115
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde/Long
Build: Busty, but thin -- hour glass figure
Wigs, etc.: I am all for them!
Don't get offended, but you also reminded me of Tsunade from Naruto. lol.

Originally Posted by .::Chiharu::. View Post
No suggestions?
I think honestly you could pull off any character that you wanted, provided that you utilized wigs and contacts.
You have one of those rare qualities that most cosplayers would kill for, and that's a universal face.

So for who you should cosplay, I think it's entirely up to you and what you like personally. Just choose a character, and then start working. You're pretty tiny, so proportionately you could fit practically any female character that you wanted. I would recommend someone from Final Fantasy, if you enjoy the games.

Hope that helps!
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