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Originally Posted by .::Chiharu::. View Post
k, so I've posted here before but never with the intention of actually going to a con.
Now that I'm older, though, I actually will be attending one and I need your help, guys.
Originally, I really wanted to cosplay Zero Suit Samus from Brawl, but I can't sew at alll and I don't know where to find her costume.

SOOOO, : 7720

(There are several albums of pictures of me. I'm naturally blonde, and I don't plan on cutting or dyeing my hair but wigs are always an option. I also don't plan on cosplaying anyone from Naruto, sorry...)

height: 5'5 1/2"
weight: 117
age: 18

Who should I go as, guys? Any and all feedback is appreciated.
Since you're skinny and average height, anyone you play would work. You have a really young face, so you can even play kids. Misty from Pokemon was the first one to come to my mind. ABA from Guilty Gears.
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