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Okey, i feel an urge to ask this common question because I want to know what characters I could portray well. ^^
So... uhm, here's a photo: (lol, ignore me being metal xD)
I have more photos if someone would like some more, but yeah... I feel like I never look good in photos so I don't post many normally. xD

Height: 168 cm
Body type: Pretty average, not skinny but not chubby either
Eye color: Uhmm... bluegreen :S
Hair: *points to pic* :33 (I will use wigs, just no overly complicated hairstyles because I'm still a cosplay beginner)

I'm a finn/swede, so I don't know if I have any good traits for this... I've heard something about people from Scandinavia having big noses, or something. idk x)

Well, I'm a tomboy (as you probably saw) so I generally prefer to dress up as males... but if you got a girl on your mind that I look like (doubt that one xD) then feel free to name her. ^^

I love traditional japanese clothes (kimono, hakama etc), so if anyone knows some characters that wears those and looks like me... then it'll be a pretty safe bet for future cosplay plans, lol.
I prefer more loose fitting clothes, nothing skin-tight or anything like that.

And so, as a last "helpful guidance" the series/games I am into are:
InuYasha, Bleach, Alice 19th, Bamboo Blade, Dynasty Warriors, Pokémon, Ōkami​

But don't feel a limit to name someone from those, they are just there to help if you happen to know someone from those series/games I could pull off. ^^

If someone wants any more info, just ask!
Any suggestions greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. ^^
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