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Originally Posted by ChibiTenshi View Post
@Blood_Sword: You'd make a good Battousai the Manslayer (Kenshin Himura) Pic
Sango from Inuyasha
Sabrina from Pokemon (the psychic Gym leader from the first series)

And... that's all I got. XD
Oh, Battousai!
I have been very very interested in reading Rurouni Kenshin for a long time now, even so interested that I have seriously thought about cosplaying Kenshin/Battousai even though I have only read a few chapters of the manga and watched one movie. xD
Yeah, so your suggestion pretty much settled it then, I'm goddamn going to do him. (über-yay for scars btw <3)

Sango was a good choice too, thanks, I'll keep that one in my mind also. :3
But Sabrina, I can't remember how she looked... you don't happen to have a pic of her, do you? ^^;

If anyone else have suggestions, please rain them down!
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