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I'm making a cosplay outfit for Break (using the white coat option seen here) and I decided that I'm going to try and handsew this sucker. I've already made Emily and the pants, but what sort of fabric should I use for the coat? This has me really stumped- this will be my first handsewn cosplay ever and most of my sewing experience comes from fleece, so I don't know my way around fabrics. I want to make the purple top out of a shiny satin color (I saw it on another cosplay and really liked it, but if someone has to advise me against it, please do) and then just have the straps be made of thick black elastic.

SO, yes. What fabric should I make the coat? I want to make it look really nice. I'd like to set a limit at 50$, but if it goes over, that's okay too, just so long as it won't cost me 120+ $.

One last thing, sorry guys |D. After looking at over 1000 reference pictures, what actually holds his coat sleeves up? I do NOT want to attach them to the shirt sleeves as I've seen done in the past, but I have no idea how to keep them held up, since they're not attached to the coat itself. Is pinning them on my only option? I've been thinking of using magnets to keep Emily on my shoulder- would that work for keeping the sleeves up as well?

Sorry for all the questions guys, I just really want to make sure I can do this right. |D
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