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Thanks! I appreciate the speedy reply. I'll be careful with what I pick for the satin to use- I'm a little worried with how silky it is being hard to go through the machine, but as long as it's heavy enough, I think it should be okay?

I like the idea of doing something heavy as well. I'd go with pleather in a heartbeat, but if I did that, I wouldn't know what to do about the silver edging. It's also why I'm worried about using heavier fabrics, since I'm not sure how I would be able to sew an edging onto a thick, heavy fabric, or how the end result would look. The idea about tablecloths is great! I've used sheets from Goodwill before for mockup practice with some of my fleece stuff, so I'm definitely more than willing to recycle something for cosplay sake XD.

(Though I really want to use midnight blue suede for the blue coat he wears, when I do that *___* )

With the sleeves... I worry about velcro showing and showing up lumpy where the velcro is, as well as the seam line that would show up on the parts of the sleeve that aren't folded over. I've heard of cosplayers using magnets before, and some of the smaller magnets nowaday definitely pack a lot of staying power- though with that comes the worry at finding the medium between enough staying power to keep it attached and not enough to rip through the fabric. And then with attaching them, the only thing I can think would either be to sew a pocket for them into the fabric (which would bring up the outer seam line again) or two hot glue them to the inside of the shirt and sleeve (which would probably leave an ugly mark if I decided to take the sleeves off for whatever reason...

I'll think about it some more- to be honest, I hadn't even thought about using velcro yet. It's a good idea! I'll probably wind up doing something like that if I can't work out my magnets...

I just googled it, and I don't think there's a Fabricland anywhere near me (I live in the US, in Washington), but I'll keep an eye out, that deal seems like something to die for. If nothing else, then I have a little money left on my gift card to JoAnn. XD
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