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Wow, Karisu-sama, that is such a great job in that picture! I saw pictures of you and your family at AX. You guys rock. ^_^ Its so great to see a family cosplaying together.

Well, I finally got two ACE bandages for Otakon though they're the new sticky kind. I couldn't find the clip kind anywhere. x_x I'm still working at a good method with them. My friends suggested using a sports bra with it so I will try that as well.

Well I did get them to not move quite as much as they usually do. x_x; And they do look about a cup size smaller so I'm making progress. I don't think I'll be able to get them flat but I'd like to at least get them a bit smaller so that they're not quite as noticeable because I'm getting tired of people pointing them out at every con I go to when I'm crossplaying. I became known as "C-Cup Cloud" for a while. ~_~;
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