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Name of Merchant: Mitsubado
(This is a second-hand costume dealer that ships within-Japan only)


Items ordered: Konoe from "Lamento: Beyond the Void" second-hand costume ~ for 5,980 yen (cape, tunic, vest, ears, tail, armbands)

Pictures of the item:

Timeline (how long your order took to process): I ordered on a Thursday night and it had arrived by Saturday evening.

Pros: Their pricing is unbeatable and pictures are reflective of actual quality. If-anything, they showcase their items in the worst-case-scenario ~ wigs haven't always been cleaned up as well as they might, costumes are frequently tossed down in wrinkled heaps. It's easy to tell what you'll get, but the end result is often a pleasant surprise. Stains and damage are noted in-full and shipping is free for orders of over 5,000 yen.

The costume I recieved was extremely high-quality, well-cared for and in impeccable shape. New, it would easily have cost me $250-300 for the same quality work on the same pieces without the ears and tail. I was able to snatch this up with both for about $50 and am extremely pleased with the results. Everything was well-packed, neatly folded and most importantly ~ clean!!

Cons: Selection is limited to what has been sold back. There is only one picture of each item and sizing information is very sketchy. There's really no way to tell if something will fit until it has arrived. All items are used, so there's a very good chance that some will have construction errors, wear, damage or will require cleanup/adjustment.

The costume is a bit small, especially in the chest and hips, while the shoulders are extremely large. I can only assume that it was custom-made for someone who intended to wear the piece with shoulderpads. Even so, it fits, albeit uncomfortably (the top actually looks fabulous super snug around the underbust). It's good incentive to drop the 3 kilos I'd been hoping to!

Just be advised that Japanese people are shaped much differently than Westerners and that a "Large" means a size 6. If you're larger than a size 6, you might have a hard time here.

Final Grade: A
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