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Name of Commissioner: nugrosjp
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: Razeluxe Meitzen from Mana Khemia 2 & Cross Edge (all clothes except for the tie comissioned)
Character pics: Official:
Additional photoshopped detail pic by me of another offical one:

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Will follow on sunday next week, where I have a photoshooting

Timeline (how long your order took to process): First contact was established on 11.01.2010, choosing her as comissioner was done on 23.01.2010 and then we went through some detail-stuff, before I placed the first half of the payment at the beginning of febuary. Got the Mail that the costume was finished last week and recived the parcel yesterday (12.05.2010)

Describe your Experience:
Cons: The only real thing that I can critize: After I'd placed the order and answering a few more questions, there was silence for almost two months without a word, which made me very insecure and worry as this was my first time having a costume comissioned. I don't want an e-mail on every single stuff, but I think just a short status report after a month would be nice.

Pros: Everything but the one mentioned in cons.
Each item has been tailored to fit my given meassures perfectly. The quality was... stunning. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it certainly was not this kind of accuracy and well-chosen fabrics. The colors are as close a match as it is probably possible, texture fitting, the PATTERNS!!!! were made with very much accuracy. It almost pains me to admit it, but they did a better cos than I would have done had I had the time.
Also the collars of the dress shirt and cloak stand on their own, just as they should.
Heck, they even found fitting belt buckles!

Comments: I mentioned before in the cons that I didn't get any kind of message, but what I have to add to this is, that after I wrote them an e-mail after that time I got answer within 24 hours and I really liked that they actually ASKED QUESTIONS and also asked for additional sketches that I had offered to provide due the complexity of the outfit.
Also the items were packed separately in three plastic bags, giving additional protection.
The result is more than pleasing and I'll surely ask them to do other costumes for me in the near future.

Final Grade: A+ (I was originally going to place only A because the con really irked me as a first-timer, but I've choosen to give A+ due the finishing result. I really love the costume and look forward to wearing it).
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