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Name of Merchant: coseyes
Items ordered: Eruruu (Utawareru Mono) robe, underdress and obi
Kagamine Len ~Gekokujo Version (VOCALOID) yukata, obi, shorts & undershirt
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: Eruruu ~ Len ~ coming

Timeline (how long your order took to process): The order was placed in mid-April and recieved in early May.

Describe your Experience: I ordered two costumes from coseyes for the summer season. One (Eruru) was pretty accurate (aside from having no ribbon in the back). The other (Len) was chosen in spite of obvious inaccuracies for reform potential. The base material for both is polyester though trims are in faux leather and satin, the Eruru underdress is lined in satin. I paid 8,500 yen each (about US$70) plus shipping.

Pros: The colors are lovely and very accurate. The Eruru costume in particular is surprisingly high-quality and looks nicer on than I had imagined it would. The craftsmanship is nice and no materials seem to be reused/recycled (a problem I've had with other Chinese makers in the past). Everything fits and looks as it was represented on the website.

Cons: Slow-loading website. Slow shipping (3-4 weeks). Overcomplicated ordering system that doesn't allow you to order costumes in multiple sizes in a single order and requires multiple email confirmations. Some costumes are inaccurate or frustratingly designed (the Gekokujo yukata sleeves are baffling). International shipping costs are a bit steep (1,500 yen). Costumes include tons of (not always necessary) pieces that can be difficult to keep track of and put on.

Final Comments: One of the nicer Chinese factory dealers. They represent their items fairly, construct them extremely well, and include support-pieces that aren't necessarily visible in the costume images/descriptions. That said, they're a bit on the slow side (site and transaction-wise) , have an extremely dense ordering system and can be quite difficult to complete transactions with without Japanese proficiency and quite a lot of time to send confirmations. Some costumes in their portfolio are lazily researched and most are at least a little bit inaccurate. You should compare images on the site with references to decide if a costume is accurate enough to be worth your time.

Final Grade: A-
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