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Catnip Cookie/ Akaisha0

Name of Merchant: Catnip Cookie Commissions
cos. com member akaisha0

Items ordered: Alexiel from Angel Sanctuary ( Sort of a more war torn look)
I ordered everything, jewllery, shoes, wig, corset, dress AND the big ass
Nanatsuya ( the seven bladed spirit sword)

Timeline: We started chatting right after New years. I knew I had
a limited time to get this done. I paid my first payment on the first of
Feb. with a due date of May 7th. USPS had not notified Y-chan that Fed ex
did not run up here in canada on Saturdays and nor did Canada Post >.>
There was also an issue with shipping. One of the packages got returned for no apparent
reason, but the next day she said she paid extra to have a tracking number
and a different type of shipping.Neither package has arrived and my deadline has been missed by a week.

Communication: When Y-chan orginally agreed to take on my commission
I had asked for bi-weekly updates. I got these updates for the first
few times and then they started coming a little bit late. I didn't
I actually recently talked to Y-chan's partner, Unii about this
issue. Many of you are aware that Catnip Cookie is currently on a temporary
hiatus until they can get back on track. One of the reasons is that they
are going to take time and train another person to be a secretary of
sorts and that way customer emails will be responded to very quickly.
At the moment it's a mix of Y-chan and Unii doing the communicating
and I think they are doing an okay job and I support their decision to
hire someone to reply to emails etc.


If and when I get the cosplay...I'll take pictures. *le sigh*

Experience (Pros, Cons and the Such)

Pros: At the moment, I would say them, but I havent heard ANYTHING from them. I am just so frustrated that I will say there are none for now.

I really wish some emails were responded to faster. However, like I said
I talked it over with Unii and they are working on training someone for
the job

Gmail sucks. hardcore. I think that a change in email servers may
benefit catnip cookie as gmail is glitchy and sometimes will not let
them check their email!

I only got 2 pictures. I'm someone who really visualizes things and this
bothered me a little but, but once it was explained why they don't really
send out pictures that often, I understood.

I never got a tracking number and after the 8th, I haven't heard from them >.>
Its now the 13th. If it was shipped GEG on Friday even, it would have been here

I am really beginning to wonder if it even shipped, as bad as it sounds, I trust them, but like I said, I never got a
tracking number. 2 days of my con have allready been missed and I have a feeling
the rest of the days will be missed as well because it's not here.

As it stands, the grade is a : F-

EDIT** I got a hold of them a bit after this review was written. Excuses were made and promises were also made. One good thing? I did get a partial refund for some of labor costs. The bad thing? They promised pictures. Didn't get em. They promised we would work together to set another deadline. They stopped replying to emails. They prom ised to get me a tracking number. Didn't get it. They keep saying the customs form isn't filled out right... You post office can help you with that! UGH. It just infuriates me that I belived her for so long. I have no seen my costume, nor do I think I ever will. She claims to have put in a mail claim on the big sword she sent, which I am pretty sure she didn't send at all. UGH. All I wanted was a freaking costume that was going to be my last time cosplaying, and what do I get? This headache.

I have an update. She replied to my BBB comapling with this: (Note to everyone, I have lots of proof I did try and email her/ fb msg her etc )

We have offered to send images of the costume for approval before sending to which no response has been received. I've had unstable internet which I have made very clear.
If the client still wants the costume we are more than happy to send it within 2 business days of confirmation. If the client would rather a refund we will refer back to our policies for refunds:
In the case of a refund we will attempt to sell the garment AS IS on the general market. Once the item sells, whatever percentage was paid of the item will be the percentage of sale the client will get (this is often less than originally paid). Because we have given a 50% refund thus far as our apologies for the trouble we will refund 50% of the selling total of the garb if the client wishes not to receive the garment anymore.
CNC is temporarily going out of business. We will apply for BBB accreditation if we decide to get back into the game. We want to solve any last problems before resuming our hiatus. Please let us know if these are acceptable terms and how to proceed.
Slanderous remarks have been made via public venue by client including the revealing of personal information. We see no reason to go above and beyond our policies given said circumstances. We do, however, apologize for the plausible circumstances that have delayed the garment's mailing. All of these were explained as they happened to the client.Most of this information was detailed in the response to the complaint but we'd like to further express the terms:
There was a delay in mailing the order due to the first attempt being send back and the second attempt halted by personal injury of the owner. As soon as this was known a member of the CatNip Cookie staff informed the client of the issue. Once the owner came back to work she explained this to the client and of her current circumstances (including lack of internet access). New terms were set that as soon as internet was had again images would be provided to the client for approval before mailing. Client instead led a personal attack on CatNip Cookie slandering our name and revealing personal information to the public.
Out policies are agreed to by the client upon placing their order. We inform them of the policies before ordering, it's their choice rather or not to read them. We cannot and will not go above and beyond our policies for a client who has gone out of their way to slander our name before trying to contact us directly (to my knowledge). We are happy to work within our policies to come to a comparable solution with the client.

I replied to the claim saying I just wanted pictures and a tracking number and I would drop the IC3 charge as well as the visa chargeback. I will update this as soon as something happens

Final Grade : SUPER F-----

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