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First off: YAY Dragon Age cosplayers!!

Originally Posted by jujubee33 View Post
I'm just really stuck on how to manipulate the wig and which way I should go with that.
For my Morrigan wig I used a Wisp wig from Cosworx, a pack of extensions/wefts and Kukkii-san's *AWESOME* tutorial.

I bought 'em in the darkest brown/espresso colour (I have lighter hair and pure black wigs make me look dead- great for undead costumes- not so much for the living ^^.

Only things I did different from her tutorial was I hand crocheted a stretch of extensions through the wig netting behind the bangs to thicken up the wig/hide netting. It looked pretty decent in the end- but was painstaking and a task I hope to not repeat for a long, long time.
Also- I did not stub the wig- I just pulled the hair up into a knot and pinned/hairsprayed it into place. No probs with it staying up for a con day.
Lastly, instead of pinning and spraypainting the short hairs at the very nape of the neck, I stitch-ripped three lengths of 'em out, then sewed them back in after the wig was pulled into its updo, because in the screen shots she has little neck-nape hairs (plus they hid my own, which I did not want to shave off ^_^;;;

Only thing I'd change if I were to do it again would be I'd get a longer base wig. I went with the Wisp for budget reasons (didn't want to spend big bucks on my first attempt at an updo)- and while it worked out fine enough in the end, I have no doubt it would have been easier had I used a medium length wig instead. I had to hide a lot of short hairs in the back, and I wouldn't have had to had I had a longer base. I regret nothing, but it definitely would have been easier.

I'll see if I can get some photos of the wig up here for you- though to be honest I'm in the process of moving right now- so it will very likely take awhile T_T. If you want to see some snapshots of the whole costume, just to take a look, I've got a few on my dA page
and here with Flemeth

tl;dr: Kukkii-san's high ponytail tutorial- read it, use it, love it
Best of luck! Can't wait to see the end results!
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