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I have to agree with above posts. I lighting was a little too harsh, especially in such a bright dress.
I suggest using shade if the light gets this bright. It can mellow out the costume, and create a great contrast.

Also, a couple of your expressions looked a bit stiff and forced.
This is, of course, highly natural. To get a geniune smile, the smile does have to be real or taken within the first couple seconds the model makes it. (Which, is difficult beyond belief.) So when doing close up or pictures that focus on the face, try to think of something that reflects what you want your face to look like.
Remember jokes, sad stories, whatever you need to to get the right expression.

Though, I do have to say the black and white photo is beautiful.
You really used the brightness of the dress to its potiential there. Great shot and great modeling!
Overall, you guys both did well! Good luck with your next shoot!
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