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Originally Posted by lee-at View Post
I live something like 40 miles to the east, and the only thing I've heard of is a tiny one in Hull!
You'll be on about Recon, held at Waterstones.

Its tiny in compairson to stuff like MCM and Alcon, but damn we do good. XD Recon takes over the whole of Waterstones once a year, with compotions and lots of cosplay for the night. We must fit nearly 200 people in the small space and nearly everyone turns up in cosplay from the simple to full fur suits (the last masq winner was a fur suit cosplay from Final Fantasy.)

But yeah, you was properly on about that.

But yeah, I've never heard of anything in your area... Yorkshire in general doesn't have many events itself, so maybe try finding local cosplayers and do something? Its what I've done with my cosplay group a couple of times now.
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