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The crop is too tight on the left side and she seems like she's getting pushed out of the picture. 11_n.jpg
Crop is a bit tight still, but better composition. The line of the ground seems very centered and I would've liked to see a slightly higher or lower angle. 21_n.jpg
Good composition and juxtaposition. 72_n.jpg
The bright empty space on the left behind the girl's head is a bit distracting. The skin processing really kills this one for me. 6_n.jpg
Again, the crop is odd and there are parts of limbs floating around the edges. 35_n.jpg
The focus is very centered. I would've liked to see that curved branch in the background used somehow in the composition.

Overall, the post processing seems rushed and sloppy. Maybe because I don't know their story, but the use of selective coloring doesn't really make sense to me as someone viewing it. It might have more significance to them perhaps. Their skin is completely desaturated in one shot and then over-saturated in another and I don't really get what you were going for. Also, most of the post processing seems very extreme and overpowers the image. You seemed to just mask out a circle area of what you wanted and then blurred it or desaturated it.
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