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I've wanted to make one of the Fountain Guard costumes for a long time, now. You know, the ones with the feathers sticking out of their helmets on the sides of their heads? That whole thing is pretty as all get-out.

I play a LotR larp-like thingy (it's sorta larp, sorta not) every six months, so I've done a lot of costumes. They've all been geared toward running through the woods, though, so often they're more practical than impressive and usually not based on anything in the movies or other artwork.

The best one I've probably done was my Ring Wraith. It gets trotted out to freak people out every once in a while at need. Second to that was probably my Derufin costume (in-game he was labeled as "citadel guard of Gondor") and it got recycled into a Beregond costume. My Galadriel looked good, but was mainly comprised of existing pieces. Smaug was fun to make, but definitely shows most obviously the function-over-form philosophy I usually have to take.

I want to do more LotR show pieces. But a while ago, I heard this rumor that Weta had problems with people making reproductions and competing with them in competitions, so I've been a little afraid to try it. Has anyone else ever heard this? Am I better off taking a description from the books and making my own design?
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