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Yeah, sounds like just a rumor, unless those people were passing them off as "I got this direct from WETA, lol!" I would think they'd be more like "holy cow, how did you make this? You just used cotton? It looks just like ours!" or something ^_^

I have a fabric question. I've finished a dress for my LotR OC, but I want to make a cloak for her as well. Since she is basically royalty (long story), I want a fabric that will reflect that and also reflect her connection to the Elves (adoptive family). The pattern I'm going to use is a McCall's one that I don't remember the number for; floor-length, gathered drawstring hood. I've been looking at found two I might be able to use to acheive this: velvet and velboa. Can anyone tell me about velboa? I don't know what it feels like, if it's easy/difficult to work with, how it drapes, etc.
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