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1. I am currently slowly asssembling the necessary materials for a Mouth of Sauron costume (including working on those monstrous teeth, and working on my creepy voice), and also planning a Sauron costume (I'm not sure whether or not to make him as he was when he was "The Necromancer"). I have also done a thrown-together-at-the-last-moment haradrim. Maybe a ringwraith (possible the witch-king) is also in the cards. And the king of the dead........

2. I have to admit that the movies got me into the series. I fell in love with the first movie, so read the books.

3. I personally loved the movie.

4. The undead things (including the Mouth of Sauron). I mean, the cairn wraiths, the army of the dead, the ring wraiths, Sauron himself, and all of the others. They just had a cool vibe to them that I couldn't resist.
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