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Name of Commissioner: CosplayDNA

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game: C.C. from code Geass

Item purchased: 1 jade green 33" wig (? Not too sure about this because it was a long time ago, tbh)

picture of your commissioned item: (NOTE: This is the first wig I got; I don't have a picture of the new one yet, but I'll edit this post with a picture later)

Timeline: 3 weeks

Describe your Experience: I had bought my first wig from them a few months ago for my C.C. cosplay. When I got it I was disappointed with the fibre quality and the fact it wasn't heat resistant when I remember ordering a heat-resistant wig; however, when I expressed my concerns on the forums, epiccosplay messaged me about it and relayed my problem to CosplayDNA. I expected to simply send the wig back for a refund, but they actually offered to send me a brand new wig!

The replacement wig I got was much better than expected. It's thick and silky with a really nice color. Plus it's actually heat resistant - yay! I'm very pleased with them, and I'll definitely order from cosplayDNA in the future! Communication was also very smooth. =) Special thanks to epiccosplay for facilitating that.

Final Grade: A

Otakuthon: Ashe(League of Legends), Artwork (Nardack illustrations)

Upcoming: Lyndis (Fire Emblem: awakening), Abel (Trinity Blood), Fruit Tart (Sakizo)

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