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Name of Merchant: Prichara
Item purchased: Long Straight 70cm wig in black (non resistant)
Photos: coming soon
Timeline: Two weeks (within Japan)
Final Grade: A

I bought this wig at a small discount through otamap, a Kansai-based warehouse that acts as a sort of middleman between cosplayers and a number of different dealers, allowing them to purchase from multiple merchants at a time. The shipping delay was caused by another wig I purchased from another maker that was out-of-stock, not the prichara wig, which was available right away. So they can't really be faulted on that one. Otamap let me know almost immediately that the shipment would be delayed and was prompt with letting me know when it would arrive.

The item was shipped as described in a box, in a carrying/storage case and bundled inside a wig net. The wig arrived smooth, untangled and as-pictured on the website, however ~ as with any long wig, it's quite easy to tangle once out. A few comb-throughs with Prichara's oil spray and a sheen of regular hairspray made the wig much more manageable later on.

Site photos are representative of actual colors ~ the only potential gripe I have is that their non-resistant black is ~VERY~ black and very shiny. It looks a wee bit unnatural on human characters. If I had to do this wig order over, I'd opt for the darkest brown over black or go for the duller-finish heat-resistant wig.

The order was shipped with a free black wig cap.

This is the second time I've ordered from prichara online and the 6th Prichara wig I've bought period. As usual, I'm pleased with the transaction.

I used COD (collect-on-delivery) and recommend this method especially if your Japanese isn't particularly up-to-snuff. You only need to pay the postman when he arrives.

Prichara (and otamap) only ships within Japan but you may be able to order their products through finders' services or overseas-auction handlers for a commission.

Final Grade: A
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