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Name of Commissioner: Phantom Legacy Costumes / celestialshadow
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned & series/video game: Kagamine Len ~ Love is War EAGER LOVE REVENGE (shirt, gunbelts, belt, pouch, shorts, gloves, armband, tie)
Reference picture:
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Timeline (how long your order took to process): About 3 months

I began commissioning this (along with my partner's matching Rin costume in March with an August deadline for both costumes. The commissioner agreed to make one costume completely before starting the other so that my partner, entering into her first commission, could be sure of the quality/reliability of the costumes we would recieve. The cost was extremely reasonable ~ the same or less than I would have paid for a premade costume (and that price including shipping). I paid up-front by furikomi (the commissioner is also located in Japan, which made everything a thousand times smoother for both of us, I suspect).

From the start I was made to feel comfortable, respected and almost like a friend working with another friend. Never once was I unsure as to how things were progressing or did I have any doubts about the status of the deal.

Pros: I was never spoken down to. No "dear"s or "honey"s or "sweetheart"s (a pet peeve of mine). References for the somewhat obscure costume and ideas were exchanged over several emails, clarified and quotes solidified.

When fabric was chosen, swatches were sent and I was given the opportunity to choose/approve the fabric hands-on. It also gave us color swatches to work with when making accessories/props in the meantime.

Every email sent was followed up on within days and all questions/concerns were quickly addressed. If the commissioner had a problem, she emailed and asked for my advice before forging ahead on her own.

The costume was recieved in early May, 3 months earlier than deadline.

The workmanship is quite good, fabric quality is very high, the fit is just about perfect and the detail-work is amazing. Most liberties taken with the design were actually more work than they needed to be, are in good taste and look fabulous (like the rivets along the belts and the satin finish on the gloves). The shirt details and armband are spot-on and a lot of care has been taken to make them completely accurate.

When the costume arrived, it was well-packaged and included a lovely care-note and a business card with contact information, just in case I had any additional problems.

I have very little to complain about in terms of the costume I recieved or how it was recieved.

Cons: I wasn't given progress photos ~ but then again, I didn't request them (nor did I feel I wasn't given ample chance to edit the final costume when it was completed).

There are a few sloppy stitches here and there ~ but none that show on the surface or that make me concerned that pieces will unravel or fall off -- in fact, this thing looks virtually impossible to destroy!! It's remarkably well-made and functional.

The tie is rather short and the main belt is a bit fat when compared to the references sent but on hearing the trouble, she offered to make another tie a bit longer as a replacement. I'm still not completely sold on the choice of felt for the belt ~ but it does look pretty nice in photos (and it IS a piece I already own on two other Len costumes and can swap out at my leisure). Crotch-placement/tightness in the very bottom of the shorts leaves me slightly concerned for my honor :3 They fit like a charm ~ but bring me dangerously near to cameltoe-land. I had been planning to lose a bit of weight before the event in any case, which will likely free up the fit a bit there.

I'm not 100% sure how to put on all of the riveted belts :3 I'll need to ask for more specific instructions.

Comments: All in all, I'm more than pleased with how this went down. I had been slightly turned off by my other commission experiences until now and was a bit apprehensive about this one. But if everyone has a commissioner soulmate ~ this might be mine. If she's available in the future and willing to work with me, she's going to be the first I ask for just about anything.

THIS is how you run a commission business.

Hopefully I'll see her at Comiket and be able to shake her hand in the badass costume she made :3

Final Grade: A+
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