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Heehee......Mouth of Sauron is also in my List a long time ago but until I improve my Armor/Props Building skill, it's just a dream

*Point at the 1/2 done Galadhrim Armor*

I actually have a theory on how to be able to see thru his helmet, along the line of the placements of the panels in his helmet to be able to create small slits and maybe using one of the thinging used to darken windows (we can see outside but as long inside is dark, others can't see in) for the front or side panels. But till tested out, it's just a theory.......

Hmm....maybe when I'm a lot slimmer (soon I hope!), I want to dig out the cloths I had gotten for Annatar years ago. One of those expansive purchases I did for my costume as I bought Silk Dupioni. Ya, not as expansive as compared buying from Spotlight (sold so ex there!) or what you all might pay for it but still a big purchase for me.

50 Attack on Titan Cosplans,
a few (Saint Seiya) Episode G: Assassin Casual Outfits,
and a Brand New Star Wars Biker Scout Armor!
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