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I've been doing some pretty intense research on the coronation gown, and it;s gonna be a lot harder than I first thought @_@ The basic structure of the dress is pretty simple and (hopefully) easy, but all the beading and lacework is gonna eat up most of the time. I have a couple of ideas on how to recreate the lace pattern, but it'll take a looooooot of time, even before doing the beading -headdesk- Why did I have to pick that dress to make this time around? XD Now I gotta order some more swatches to see if chiffon would good for the underdress, or if I can get away with a matte satin or something. And more organza! Hurray! -dead-

Well, until I figure out the dress I've got my fabric to make the banner with, so I want to start on that sometime this week. At least get it cut out and transfer the patterns onto it

Originally Posted by Berzerker_prime View Post
That would be pretty epic. You'd need a handler to wander around with you at a con, though, thanks to the helmet having no eyes. You could get someone to dress as an Orc escort or something.
Shoot, I don't have good enough friends that would help me out. Knowing them they'd walk me right into a wall XD Plus I'd feel really bad having someone essentially be my slave while I wore it; I tend to wear my cosplays all day long. Hey, if I'm gonna spend that much money and work that hard on it I'm gonna wear it for its worth, dammit! :3
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