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Name of Commissioner
--- sundancekat
Website/ gallery
Character commissioned
--- Hizaki - Curse of Virgo Photoshoot Dress
Links to picture(s)
--- Original Dress
--- I'll update this post with pictures once I take a few.
--- First contacted in late January, 2010. Officially commissioned a few weeks later. My deadline was May, 2010.
Describe your Experience
--- Cons: None

--- Pros: Very accurate and well made, very informative and understanding, easy to reach, reasonable prices.

--- I first apporached Katrina after desperately trying to find a reliable, but not so pricey commissioner for a quick cosplay I needed for Phoenix Comicon in May. In January I came across her website and was thrilled by her gallery of work and how close she was(shipping would be fast). She was experienced and told me every little detail about the fabric, how she would construct certain pieces, and how I wanted things done. She worked with me to create a payment plan(I'm so broke xD), and always responds quickly to any of my questions. She updated me with progress shots when I asked for them and was very nice to deal with. I received the dress a few days ago and I was so blown away by the quality of it. The poofiness that I wanted was there and it was absolutely gorgeous, it was perfect beyond words. The measurements were just right and the dress fit me nice and snug, and the lacing front gives me the opportunity to lose weight and still be able to wear the dress in the future. Perfect!
Final Grade:
--- A++

  • dietrich, trinity blood 25%
  • seek, with pv 50%
  • screaming mantis, metal gear solid 4 40%
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