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Name of Commissioner: Uniquecreator

Website/ gallery"

Character commissioned and series/video game: Alice's blue dress from the new Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland movie.

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: full length:
close up front:
hand painted bottom:

Timeline: About 2-3 months from first contact to arrival.

Describe your Experience. Pros: Wowie I wish every comission experience was like this! I placed an add in the marketpalce and Unique answered it, eager to meet my budget and give me the best quality item that they could. Unique WORKED for me, they found the best fabrics for the job and made certain of the colours I wanted and even hand painted the bottom design of the dress for me. They were very flexible with the pricing and helped me to meet my budget, for 200 USD this is a really good quality dress, it looks and feels like a proffessional item, not just a costume. The pictures look a bit shinier then the dress actually is because of the silk underneath and also I was made a pair of matching gloves from scratch for no extra cost. They also refunded me the excess postage I had given them when the post office gave them a lower quote, I haven't comissioned anyone had the courtesy to do that before.

Cons: Um, nothing! Unique was very kind and proffessional at all times I would recommend them to anyone.

Final Grade: A++
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