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That tutorial is amazing! Sadly, my con for my Morrigan cosplay is in October, so I know the bulk of Cosplay season will be done by then. But, I got my wig last week, an Angela 750 - also in Expresso (2). I asked what to do in the wig section, and got a bit of advice from Kukkii on how to tackle the wig styling. So far, it's coming out amazingly.

The material was so thick, it hardly needed extensions at all, aside for a little patching in the back. My only issue will be the weight of the bun, because there is a lot of hair. But, I'll get to that hurdle when it comes. I'm up to the third sealing part in that updo tutorial that Umbrellas linked, and I have never been so happy!

I've never owned, touched, or modified a wig before. So, this is coming out amazingly well.

Image of before and after modifying the wig It's still not done, so I hope I don't screw up yet (especially the bangs).

Also, I must say that I am really, really happy that I have a tiny head. I don't have to stretch or fill the space between the wig head and the wig at all for it to fit me.

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