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Originally Posted by Berzerker_prime View Post
Aww, but that's the fun part! Stressing and obsessing and making sure everything is just-so to the point where the only cure is intoxication!

If re-creation isn't your bag, though, you could always do an original design based on the descriptions in the books. There are a number of things that the movies did different from the descriptions in the books in order to make it look more like a unified whole (Éowyn's starry mantle is the first thing that comes to mind; they way overdid the stars). The costume designs from the movies may be more recognizable these days, but there are plenty of people who will fawn over a well-done original design.
I've considered doing book designs, but... I have hideous design sense, so I like having a direct reference. >_<;; Drawings are really a happy medium for me, because there's detail without it being "down-to-the-type-of-thread-they-used" detail. XD It might just be men's historical clothing I hate making though; I've considered making Arwen's cranberry gown down the road (only a couple fabrics to hunt down, there XD).

Beyond that, there's some illustrations in various editions of the books I think would make for beautiful costumes... I do think re-creating articles of clothing that actually exist is too much pressure for me. >_<;;

Originally Posted by Stormraven24 View Post
Agreed. Sure, it's kept me up at night for the better part of two weeks now and is making steam come out of my ears at every turn, but that's the fun part! ^_^ As for the fabric, I'm also a total retentive prick when it comes to the fabric for this costume, but I know I don't like the feel of the silk velvet they used in the movie, so I'm improvising with peachskin. I think it's for the best :3 (-haaaates velvet-)
I know some people hate the feel of velvet, though I personally like it. ^^;; Peachskin is a nice substitute, though.
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