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I will start a LOTR costume, based in the movies Arwens requiem dress, Im making a Mirkwood Maiden style dress
I want also do a original design, but Im still working in the sketch and design because I dont want to do in out of period... so..

1. Do you cosplay as certain characters from the book/the movies, or do you have an OC?

If I have the phisical apearence like a certain character.. I would do it, but because I dont have blond hair, im not in the lines as a hobbit or has the posibility to do crossplay... I can say that Ill make a original character (based in the movie outfits)

but yeah, I have a Original Character: Nibenwen, Im currently working in her story, a fanfic, eventually I will work in other costumes for her,... originally I has another character, Ninde Tasartir, but the fanfic that I was writing for her, was to much out of enviroment in the middle-earth, that I drop aside the project

2. What got you into the fandom and when did you start cosplaying from it?
I currently have some years in the fandom, in JRRT fandom.. I have like.. 10 years or something like that... but I have never decided to make a cosplay or costume of this book/movie, but I want new challenges in costuming and clothing.. so, I re-take this project

3. The movies - what do you think? Great inspiration or totally off?
the movie tells the story in other point of vew, in the book, you see all like a narration, in the movie is the same, but with the actors and all they give you another side of the story, centered most of it in Aragorn vs Sauron and Frodo and Sam friendship.. in the book you can gave the interpretation that you want, but no matter what youll end up sucked in all the enviroment of the middle-earth, you almost can feel that you walk among them
sure, the movie has changes from the book, but thats something that you cant help...
in other hand, I think that its a great surce of inspiration, because that way, you dont do something to celtic, to medieval or out of period

4. Any particular race (Elf, Hobbit, Man...) you prefer cosplaying? Why?
elves, always elves.. they are in sintony with their enviroment, whit the nature, that its impossible to not feel something for them...
they are well mannered, polite, respectfull, wise, king hearted.. but also they have a great weigh in their shoulders...
its impossible to not love them..
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