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Name of Commissioner: Cyperous Wigs
Commissioned Wigs: 1 Short Silver Styled Wig, 1 Long Silver Blue Wig with Bangs, 1 Short Styled Brown Wig.
Links to Pictures: -- Silver Wig and Blue Wig. I'll have close up pictures of all three wigs sometime this week when my friend uploads them.
Timeline: I placed the order on May 20th around midnight, and the next morning it was shipped. I got it the following Monday ! Their shipping was super fast !
Pros: EMS Shipping for their Worldwide customers and it has to be the fastest order I've ever recieved. @__@ Their wigs are super high quality and with my order came a free wig stand and three wig caps that matched the colour of the wigs.
Cons: The website is Japanese, so you have to use this translating page when making an order, which can take quite a bit of time and looking over to make sure you got it right. Also, the brown wig came in more gingery then on the website and on the top of it, it was all fried like it had come in contact with heat. D: '' It was okay though, since the costume I needed it for I had a hat. Also, their wigs are SUPER SUPER EXPENSIVE ! But worth the price.
Comments: Hands down the best wigs I've ever bought !! They feel like real hair and shipping was like I said, awesome. From now on, this is the place I'll be buying all my wigs from.
Final Grade: A+.
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