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Hello LOTR fans I'm also a big fan of the series, I've read the books a few times and seen the movies (I tried to watch all three extended editions in one day... bad plan!) but I'd never really considered cosplaying it.

However, my brother approached me yesterday about making him an Aragorn costume for Halloween this year and I'd love some advice on what to do about it.

Firstly, do any of you have any suggestions as to which version of Aragorn would be relatively simple to make? He's leaning towards one of the Two Towers costumes, I think the one from Helm's Deep but he's willing to change. And since I know that he probably won't treat it all that kindly (he's planning on wearing this to a nightclub!) I don't want to spend months slaving away on detailed pieces that will just get wrecked, so any advice on a plainer costume would be greatly appreciated (Would his Strider outfit be a good one? I'm quite partial to it myself...)

Secondly, does anyone know a good site for screen grabs from the movies, or do I have to do that myself? (I don't mind doing it, it would just be handy to have them there!)

Thirdly, any advice re: fabrics would be awesome. I suppose it would depend on what version, but I think he definitely wants one of the elven cloaks, and those to me look like they're made out of some sort of wool? Then again, I'm not the most experienced in terms of fabrics, so if anyone had advice on that front I'd really appreciate it

This has turned into a bit of an essay - sorry! xD To summarise - which version of Aragorn would be best, is there an online resource of screenshots and what type of fabric would be suitable for the elven cloak?
Sorry for writing so much, but I'd appreciate any help you could give me!
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