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Originally Posted by Kanira View Post
keitaro849, money can be kind of personal. People do include prices when they feel it's relevant to their reviews, and they're free to do so, but I think making it a basic part of the review application might be a tad inappropriate. Thanks for the thought, though, always glad to know how people think things may be improved.

Kitsoru, thanks tons, I hadn't realized that I'd had two entries for them in both the commission and merchant sections.

SeraphimWolf, this would be a better inquiry for the Commissioners NOT to go to Thread, if it's still an issue; this kind of thing is their specialty.

Everyone else, we're updated!
Sorry. I actually didn't post this here though. I posted it in the Market-Place forum, area. Why? Idk, cause I'm still kinda "blah" at forums. It must have been moved by an Admin. I'll edit it and just delete the stuff.

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