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Zach_Fair_2002 - I will ask for a clarification on the rules because IMO your buster sword should be admitted. I think that rule's in place to prevent those wooden practice swords out. I have carried around my Space Sword made 100% out of wood several times at AV.

NyuNyu, thanks about the Masquerade! That's gross about the licking thing, though that can happen at any convention. I had some pretty, uhh, strange things happen while I was dressed as Fai at Fanime last weekend, which is a con known for being more mature and laid-back than most others. 08 was a lame year, mostly because the Renaissance was not a good venue for our convention. You'd think finding a good venue in Vegas of all places would be easy, but apparently not. Again, I'm really hopeful that the Alexis Park will be the perfect spot for Anime Vegas.
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