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Originally Posted by hellparadiso View Post
It's growing more and more every year.

But is this a good thing?

As more groups join the anime bandwagon, there's more, let's say, turf wars.

I deal with Steampunks looking down on me quite often, as thought cyber is beneath them. Of course they don't know that I'm also a neovictorian-sporting fashion person. I was called, quite a few times, nasty names.

And it's not just Steampunks giving crap, but it's turning into turf wars. x doens't belong at anime cons so we're going to treat them badly, but y is better than x and feels more entitled...

It's a festering breeding ground for drama. And while I try not to let it take away from my overall con experience, I feel like fewer and fewer of these incoming fans are really there for the con.
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