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I only go to one or two anime cons a year, and the experience always reminds me why I like sci-fi cons much more. Anyway, I can totally understand why one might be peeved about official anime convention programming centered around steampunk, but I hardly think it's worth throwing a fit over. As for the cosplayers themselves? Why give a damn? If we openly accept Ronald McDonald, Barack Obama, Stromtroopers, and Superman at anime cons, then it shouldn't matter if some people decide they'd rather show off their steampunk costume.

And if you're (general you) the type to get in a tizzy over Ronald McDonald, Obama, Stormtroopers, or Superman please do the rest of us a favor and lighten up.

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But is this a good thing?
Yes. We will always need more Victorian inspired people so I won't turn into a lonely emo kid and go cry in the corner. It might water spot my silk taffeta.
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