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Saying that Steampunk shouldn't be at "anime conventions" because its not "azn" enough is probably the most short-sighted thing i've read all week, and on Coscom that takes some beating. I'd say at least half of "anime convention" cosplay these days derive from video games or comic books. Thats not very "anime" so where is the censure for these cosplayers? It seems there are a lot of Kingdom Hearts fans here, I don't think what ever sexually androgenous, racially ambiguous, agent provocotours from what ever Square Enix have released this week, serve as a good illustration of something steriotypically Japanese.

This idea that anime by definition makes the con Japanese orientated is like saying that all Sci Fi events are British based, as works by the likes of Jules Verne and H.G Wells pioneered the genre in the early 1900's. Yet I don't recall seeing Union Jacks everywhere whenever I attend one. Or tweed jacketed, pipe smoking, monocle wearing gentlemen, bemoaning the attendance of Naruto and Bleach cosplayers at 'thier' event.

Edit: Also the idea of "turf wars" is just nonsense. There are no turf wars, its just another form of percieved drama that doesn't exist based on ignorance and paranoia. Steampunks aren't looking to take over. Thats like saying lolitas or BJD fan are going to try and claim dominance at events.

But thats just me.
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