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*lol* Personally, I still like Connichi better, but it's really up to you - whatever con you want to attend ^.^ They're both the same size (more or less) and there will be tons of great cosplayers at either con.

It's a little early to register for next year's masquerade (and too late for this year), but you should be able to find info online in January or so. Just check out the con homepage and

For hotel reservations, you'll want to visit the cities' homepages - (AnimagiC) and (Connichi) - this fall, i.e. about a year before the con. (Or use a website like or

If you're looking for friends online who might let you stay at their place for the con, is a huge community and you should be able to hook up with people there ^.^ When you look up the event you want to attend, there's always a thread where you can discuss the event, how to get there, where to stay, etc.

We've also got an old thread in the "Cosplay-Zirkel"
LINK, but you need to be logged in to view the thread -
that you could revive, it allows people to post an ad when they're looking for a place to stay, or when they have a spare room and are looking for a roommate.
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