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Originally Posted by hellparadiso View Post
*Goggles, spats, and brass buttons do not a steampunk costume make, in my opinion.
I have to disagree with you a little there - at least when it comes to modifying an anime / video game character into steampunk. Given that clothing is what makes up about 3/4 of a steampunk ensemble, that Link did a rather decent job. I'll make a comparison with Naruto.

If a person goes into a dealers room and just buys a naruto headband and slaps it on with his/her normal clothing and says "I'm cosplaying random *insert village here* ninja 3983" then no, he/she is not cosplaying. If said person walked into the dealers room and buys a headband, sandals, and akatsuki (sp?) cloak, hat and kunai and throws it on and says I'm cosplaying blah blah blah character (I haven't watch naruto in ages) then yes, he/she is cosplaying, whether you agree with dealers room cosplay or not.

The same thing applies to steampunk. If a person goes and buys goggles and slaps them on his/her head while wearing just jeans and a tshirt and says its steampunk, then they're wrong. Its not. But if the same person buys goggles bracers, ect and puts together an ensemble that looks like steampunk or any sub-genre of steampunk (and there are many), then yes, its steampunk. Its not JUST the props that make it steampunk, though props do help. The trims, bracers, brass buttons, spats, goggles, ect all help make steampunk what it is. That Link did a rather decent job at it. /rant Sorry ^^;

As for the OP - first of all, if you aren't the one funding the convention then its not YOUR convention. If you don't like steampunk, don't look at the cosplayer beyond your first glance, ignore it, move on. I don't want to see two thirteen year old girls dressed up as *insert fan pairing here* making out in the hallways because "yaoi is hot/cool/awesome", but I can't stop it, so I just ignore it.

If you do eventually decide to start a convention and decide to have bouncers at the door to enforce your "anime only" dress code, be ready to watch your attendance fall like a rock dropped off a tall building. No one wants to be told what to wear at a place that is supposed to be about dressing up for fun with other people who like to dress up FOR FUN.
We're all people running around as made up characters, there's not need to nit-pick over who does or does not belong.
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