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I bring the pudding ^^
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I plan on doing a femme Roy Mustang in the future, but it will probably only end up being a black long wig and no biding. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense to change the millitary uniform, so no big change.

I am doing a Sexy no Jutsu style version of a Yugioh character this year. Thanks to Naruto, you can femme any male character and call it SnJ! But really it's just a bikini version of the character.

I feel it's awesome to see characters that are recongnizable but with an obvious twist, like female versions. So I hope if you do it, you'll post pics. ^^
My cosplays for AX11:
Day 0 & 2: Elena - Final Fantasy VII [85%]
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Day 3: Milly thompson Trigun [90%,] SnJ ANBU Naruto - Naruto [75%]
Day 4: Zombie Milly - Trigun [100%]

Anime Expo 2011 is my last convention for awhile. So I plan to go out with a bang! ^_^

I did it! I joined facebook! *Facepalm*
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